"Olivier, arbre de la famille des Oléacées
(Frêne, Lilas, Mouillefer, Olivier, Troène)

The olive tree adapts to all soil types, except wet soils. However, it prefers stony soil.
Lifespan: 2000 years. This is one of the longest living trees (with yew), and it has very slow growth.
Height: 10-12 meters. Olive trees are often cut to reduce their size to 4 to 5 meters to help the harvesting of fruit.Trunk: very crooked and gnarled.Bark: gray, furrowed.Evergreen: leaves are slender, silvery green, 3 centimeters.Flowering occurs in May (only 2% of the flowers bear fruit).Fleshy fruit. Olives ripen in the fall or early winter. The olive is green and then ripening makes it turn a purplish color and then brown.

Le Buis : Buis, Buxus sempervirens
Evergreen. Opposing leaves, leathery, oval or elliptic, smooth, dark green and shiny on their upper surface, yellowish green on the underside. Yellow flowers from March to April. Fruits: capsules 3 cm. long, ending with horns. They open in September to release their seeds. Legends and traditions: The boxwood, as part of its slow growth, high longevity and the fact that it was an evergreen, was a symbol of immortality. The Greeks and Romans made writing tablets with its wood. Christians used branches for blessings on Sunday and kept branches near a crucifix.

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The wood is supplied exclusively from plantation (established by the Dutch in the 19th century) under the control of the Indonesian Government.
Program Eco-Friendly Plantation Grown Recycle Earth's Resouces.