Our boxes are designed and built to last and to be handled easily and frequently. has selected two types of wood for the boxes: teak and acacia from Java (Indonesia). These types of woods have been used for centuries in the shipbuilding industry because of their outstanding mechanical properties and their resistance to decay. The strength and hardness come from the high natural oil content of the wood, and no maintenance is required.

Thickness of a panel: 1 inch, and 1.25 inches for box sizes that are 47 inches x 47 inches and larger. The wood comes exclusively from plantations established by the Dutch in Indonesia in the 19th century, where there is an environmentally friendly system that aims to recycle the earth’s resources.

The boxes’ removable panels are reinforced with galvanized steel bars at the exterior and a steel frame* on the inside that can withstand weights of 3,000 pounds. The boxes are assembled using dovetail and mortise joints.

* starting with boxes that are 30 inches x 30 inches.

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