Usage Tips

The acacia and teak we use are woods which are naturally fully saturated of natural oil that avoid the deterioration. You can let your planters aging gracefully in the weathered natural grey color or you can apply once a year a coat of wood preservative or oil designed specially for exotic wood.

The boxes’ feet must rest on a hard surface. We recommend placing a piece of wood under each metal foot (this applies only to models with frames: 30 in. x 30 in., 37 in. x 37 in. and 47 in. x 47 in.). If you want to place the box on soft ground, place a metal plate or a flat stone under each foot.

We recommend placing two sheets of landscaping fabric inside the box on the bottom and then adding a 1.5 in. to 2 in. layer of clay balls to help drainage. You can then add the appropriate soil for your plant.

Our plants

“Olivier, arbre de la famille des Oléacées
(Frêne, Lilas, Mouillefer, Olivier, Troène)
The olive tree adapts to all soil types, except wet soils. However, it prefers stony soil.
Lifespan: 2000 years. This is one of the longest living trees (with yew), and it has very slow growth.
Height: 10-12 meters. Olive trees are often cut to reduce their size to 4 to 5 meters to help the harvesting of fruit.Trunk: very crooked and gnarled.Bark: gray, furrowed.Evergreen: leaves are slender, silvery green, 3 centimeters.Flowering occurs in May (only 2% of the flowers bear fruit).Fleshy fruit. Olives ripen in the fall or early winter. The olive is green and then ripening makes it turn a purplish color and then brown.

Le Buis : Buis, Buxus sempervirens
Evergreen. Opposing leaves, leathery, oval or elliptic, smooth, dark green and shiny on their upper surface, yellowish green on the underside. Yellow flowers from March to April. Fruits: capsules 3 cm. long, ending with horns. They open in September to release their seeds. Legends and traditions: The boxwood, as part of its slow growth, high longevity and the fact that it was an evergreen, was a symbol of immortality. The Greeks and Romans made writing tablets with its wood. Christians used branches for blessings on Sunday and kept branches near a crucifix.


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